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About The Band

Band Executive
Band Manager:  Brad Jefferies
Treasurer:  Peggy Pearce
Quartermaster:  James Amundson

Band Officers
Pipe Major:  Nathan Maskerine
Drum Major:  Lew Gregor
Pipe Sergeant:  Brian Richardson
Drum Sergeant:  Brad Jefferies

Purpose and Goals
The Uxbridge Legion Pipes & Drums provides an opportunity for people in Uxbridge and the surrounding area to play the bagpipes and drums in a fun group setting. We also act as ambassadors of goodwill for the Uxbridge Legion.

Our objective is to perform publicly ten to fifteen times a year, including band concerts performed at the Uxbridge Legion. We constantly strive to increase our skills and quality of playing while accommodating new learners.


The Uxbridge Legion Pipes and Drums Band is pleased to be able to offer lessons to those interested in learning both bagpipes and drums.

The band currently has a number of bagpipe and drumming students.

Lessons may take on an individual form or be performed in a group setting. It is the responsibility of the student to have a practice chanter when they begin their lessons.

Students are encouraged to immediately become part of the band, by attendance at band functions and social events. Every member of the band realizes the importance of students and therefore each makes a special effort to make every student feel comfortable and at ease.

The band would also welcome those who are already proficient in piping or drumming. If you, or someone you know would like information regarding bagpipe or drumming lessons please contact us


Original Members

The Uxbridge Legion Pipe Band, led by Drum Major John Gill, made its debut at the Zephyr Sports Day on June 29, 1968

PM Archie Dewar 48th Highlanders

48th Highlanders Pipe Major Archie Dewar with Major General Crerar WWII. Archie was invloved in starting the Uxbridge Legion Pipes and Drums

Band Practice

Uxbridge Legion Pipe Band has created enough interest during the past year to entice a lot of newcomers The first band practice was held at the Legion Hall last Thursday night


40th Anniversary

Pipes and Drums

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